Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Focused Intentionality of Prayer...

Urban Holmes draws attention to the nature of prayer and aligns it to what he calls focused intentionality. He suggests that prayer tends to take the form either of an emptying of images or of the quest for vivid images in prayer and worship. Coupling this with questions of faith development is interesting as he intimates a gradual slide towards a more contemplative approach to prayer with time.

"Different kinds of prayer fall along a continuum of focused intentionality on the part of the person who prays. At one end of this continuum is prayer that intends to intend nothing at all; at the other end of the continuum there is prayer that intends a specific answer from God."
To intend nothing at all in prayer brings me to an inner paradox as it seems a little disconcerting yet comforting at the same time!

Holmes, U. T. (2002:14) Spirituality for Ministry. Moorhouse

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