Friday, June 18, 2010

Being content with less than total satisfaction...

I thought of Mrs Ellis when I heard this quote this week

A truly diverse congregation where anybody enjoys more than 75% of what's going on is not thoroughly integrated... So an integrating church is characterised by the need to be content with less than total satisfaction of anything. You have to factor in a willingness to absorb some things that are not dear to you but may be precious to some of those coming in. (Rev James A. Forbes)

I remember asking Mrs Ellis if she was enjoying a International night of worship when we were at Poplar. Above the drumming and distinctive African guitar she shouted, "not really, it isn't my cup of tea but it is important that I come this is my church...!"

There is something very selfless about that kind of approach to church, something very giving, kingdom orientated even sacramental. As an alternative to a consumer mindset to worship, the attraction of integration motivated by 'for you' is compelling.

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