Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Helps to Holiness, Coffee and Jeff...!

I stood in the queue with Jeff, minutes before he'd startled two girls sat opposite me in Nero's by asking them for change. Panicked they apologised and with inevitability said no. He turns in hope to me. Rain soaked with a shiver and a 'please guv' look on his face he said "I'm only after a bit of change.." I stop reading about perfect love and put my book down. Deciding to buy him a drink we queue together.

Jeff still dripping from a downpour outside tells me his story of wrong decisions which saw him addicted to crack. Showing me his arms he told me with pride "I'm clean now". I invited him to Faith House, said our goodbyes and I went back to where I was sat.

I thanked the two girls for looking after my ruck sack, "we should've helped ... we feel awful". I try not to smile inwardly as I think about past debates about demonstrating the kingdom.

"You must be really trying to be holy..." I'm taken back, wow this holiness thing is powerful! I think of past posts and comments, 'see I told you ... holiness only makes sense as an outward social expression...see' I'm writing the blog in my head.

"...maybe we should read the book you're reading". They point to the book - Helps to Holiness - I left on the table, Next thing we're talking about Brengle and what it is to love!!! Maybe I'd had too much caffeine but as they said goodbye, I thought I saw Brengle wink!!