Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hagberg on Faith Development 2/6

Summary of Stage 2 - The life of discipleship - grounds us

From awe and wonder the desire in faith becomes everything about absorption. Like a sponge the books, DVD's, CD's are soaked up in an insatiable desire to learn. A Christian Marketing dream! Faith at this stage is all about learning about God. Being part of a group is essential and meaning is taken from belonging and agreeing within what is seen as orthodox. The charismatic leader still wields immense influence as  answers are not individual or unique but found in a leader, cause, or belief system.This stage is characterised by the groups sense of rightness and security is in 'Our' faith. What holds people back at this stage is a rigidness in righteousness which is sustained by a 'we against them' attitude that is seen in a resistance to any thinking outside what is seen as correct. The tribe continues to hold and shape. Moving on begins to happen when people see themselves as contributors to others rather than recipients, the catalyst being the need to take risks and accept others.

Hagberg's key question for those at this stage:

When have you felt a part of a faith or spiritual community?

Hagberg, J. O. (2004). The Critical Journey, Stages in the Life of Faith, Second Edition (2nd ed.). Salem, WI: Sheffield Publishing Company pp 67

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