Sunday, December 19, 2010

Introducing my place of random and incomplete thinking...

I have a place of random and incomplete thinking. Generally as thoughts occur I jot them down with the idea of revisiting them. They often represent those off piste moments when listening to the thoughts of others as they preach. Sometimes the result of a good conversation. Sometimes something seen on TV or on the radio or thoughts that are inspired by reading. They end up on the evidence of God that is in my pocket, better known as an iPod Touch!

Anyway 23 days ago I wrote this down. I suspect it was in what we call a 'spiritual day' at college when something was said that made a connection with the area of thinking on essence, function and  form.

Holy living is the essence (desire)
Spiritual formation is the function (intentionality)
Christlike action and thought is the form. (expression)

These thoughts feel incomplete for me, but the new label of random and incomplete thoughts will make a hospitable home for now.

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