Thursday, December 16, 2010

There's something to be said for a restricted view!

I'm not sure I'll get used to seeing Eryn on the stage of the royal opera house. Actually seeing her is probably an exaggeration. If you pay £10 to stand with a restricted view you pay £10 to stand with a restricted view!

I wait in expectation as the RoH fills, others come and stand beside me dressed for the ballet. A hopeful man thinking his tickets for the ballet were cheap doesn't impress. They move on leaving me hopeful of B6 as the slight degree improvement gives a slightly better restricted view than B5!

Act 1 she is totally out of sight as the winter fairy jumps and gyrates, skips and twists, or should I say chaînés, sautée with pirouette à la seconde, I know she is there holding on tightly to her mistletoe with the dry ice lapping at her feet. 2500 other people may not even notice her as Claire Calvert as the Winter Fairy captures their gaze. But I do even though I can't see her.

Does the restricted view matter? Does it rob me of the beauty of the music, the movement the experience? Not at all. This restricted view is different from the last restricted view there is something new. OK I still can only see Eryn through the crook of an elbow and a shade of a lamp and past the neck of another if they all line up, but does it matter?

Not at all, I know she is there and I can appreciate it all restricted view or not. At the interval B7 and B8 leaving gives hope of a new experience of a new restricted view.

Next week proper seats, full view - I can't wait!

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