Friday, February 27, 2004

The Passion...evangelical marketing hijack...authentic evangelism?

I have a fear. The American film industry has in recent years built a bit of a reputation for re-writing history. U-571 follows the exploits of a team of World War II U.S. submariners who undertake a secret mission to capture a German Enigma machine to decode German documents. Guess what guys – it was the Brits who historically did that and broke that unbreakable code that saved thousands and thousands.

Let’s hope that the same traits aren’t followed. I’m not sure if I am ready for an indestructible Jesus to lead the counter attack on the Roman Empire to find Caesar in a hole somewhere in the suburbs of Rome with a big beard! ;o)

Actually what I am not ready for is the great evangelical marketing hijack in the name of evangelism. I can see the cards, posters, video-discussion-starter packs. I can hear the sales pitch, the kerching of the tills in our Christian bookshops. I saw this morning on urban onramps that the must have jewelry is a nail necklace I just hope our local community church pushes a DVD through our door in a few months time in an effort to save our neighbourhood – save me a few bob!

Why do we always end up shooting ourselves in the foot? It makes me wonder what constitutes authentic evangelism, authentic proclamation of the kingdom?

I think like one blogger that I read I’m going to buy it – if the local community church fails me. I’ll watch it in the privacy of my own mind. If what I hear is half-true it’ll inspire me to greater things. To lift up His name to greater heights. To know His love to greater depths. To show his grace to everyone.

God forgive me if I use it with the latest hip love song in the charts next Easter. He probably will need to!!

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