Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gordon Needs...

Saturday Silliness

Guess who hasn't anything to prepare for tomorrow!!?

Rob aka The Shiny Headed Prophet and Kathryn amoung others point to some mindless and daft silliness. Here's the idea type your name followed by needs in quotation marks in google ("Gordon Needs") then copy down the first 10 sentences. Here goes:

* Gordon needs fast start Saturday
* Gordon Needs Near-Perfect Race
* Gordon needs rescue
* Gordon needs to summon Batman
* Gordon needs your help so he can steal $233 million
* Gordon needs to buy the goat
* Gordon needs a push
* Gordon needs to run up front all night long
* Gordon needs to get real
* Gordon needs gman because gman is the right man

Yep silly - but it made me smile! Yes I know Gordon needs to get out more!! Poor old Kate is wrestling with sermon prep for tomorrow and I am playing around with Google!!


Chris said...

Heh... oh dear :) My results weren't too funny, but there was one site that came up and gave some good answers!

Chris needs your sex talk (!?!?)
Chris needs a life
Chris needs no mic stand
Chris needs to check everything is going well

Kathryn said...

All I can possibly say is that good authority suggests that its "better by goat", so I should get on an buy one. I love the thought of it's presence in Polar ;-)

Kathryn said...

or even knew what I meant, didn't you??
Having drowned on my way back from our 8.00, I suspect a whale might be better still....and this is getting really silly.

Gordon said...