Friday, November 11, 2005

What if... [a random thought]

Something said in a recent conversation about Church social engagement and social work got me thinking. I couldn't help but think the person had a 'means to an end' philosophy when it came to mission.

What if the social work that church has been engaged in hasn't pointed to the kingdom? What does it say about the Christians that have facilitated that 'Heresy of Mission'? What if social transformation hasn't pointed to the community of justice, freedom, love, grace that Jesus represents because Christians have used it as a means of disguising the 'hook', leaving the message and ministry of Jesus as nothing more than a wriggling worm?

It reminded me to beware 'wriggling worm mission!!'


Anonymous said...

Greatly enjoy your blog. Admire and respect you for working in the Poplar area of London.Your father- was he is the Peacemaker session? God bless you.

Gordon said...

My father was indeed in the Peacemaker session - do you know him?