Friday, November 18, 2005

In Gratitude...

"so you'’re meeting up with someone you met on the internet…....hmmm .... never met him before…...uh huh.... don'’t know him.. hmmmmm?” Kate probed! That was sometime ago and Rob aka The Shiny Headed Prophet and I have met several times since.

Driving to Bluewater for a coffee with Rob I'’m listening to some teaching CD'’s that someone at church lent me years ago. Gordon MacDonald is talking about resilience in leadership and ministry and points to the importance of having people around you that challenge and inspire you.

Coffee drunk, good conversation completed I drive back to Poplar thinking. I'm glad that I started blogging because I have made friends that challenge, inspire and invigorate me. Some I have met, most I don'’t even know what they look like! I'm glad that I have a good network of friends beyond the internet that challenge, inspire and invigorate me in different ways -– some because they make me think, some because they make me laugh. I'm glad for all those that have crossed my path and for whatever reason no longer do. I'’m glad for all those who through the years have offered me more than I give them. Also I am glad that Rob isn'’t a mad mass murdering axe-man using the internet to groom blogging christians!

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BrownEyedGirl said...

I don't know you but the last line of your blog made me laugh! Very funny and a bit daring too.