Sunday, October 08, 2006

In the face of a 40-year-old...!

The last time I saw her was 22 years ago in Nairobi. Now as I collected at Waterloo she walked by. It's funny who you see while collecting for TSA Annual Appeal, funnier still when you see a one time youthful crush and girlfriend.


Sam Watson one time captain of the girls hockey team turned and I looked into the face of a 40 year old woman, unmistakably Sam, but definitely 40!

She recognised me and we spent the few minutes she had catching up the 22 years. As we talked I found myself working out that she was definitely 40! Yep definitely 40. She'd seen us on Songs of Praise when they featured Poplar ... then she needed to catch her train. As she slipped her ruck sack on her final shot made me smile.

"Well we made the milestone then...?"


"We're all 40 now!!!"

Isn't it easy to forget, the reality of who you really are? 40 not a chance! I sometimes wonder if we do the same as church - I can't imagine that a false impression of who we are is all that helpful.

BTW - it's alright being 40!......... honest!

1 comment:

Thomas said...

Its great being 40.

Yea right! Thats only if you're 50!

Come on Gordon, it's not alright!

Hope alls well! :0)