Monday, October 23, 2006

The Rain in Spain...

.... Ok everyone who lives on the Costa del Sol are pleased with the recent rainful that seems to have coincided with our arrival. Seems the Cotterill Drought Breakers have gone international! More a case of Costa del Lluvia at the moment (excuse my Spanish!)

Funny that the family moan at me for disappearing to check out the receptions internet connection while they watch Coronation St!


Rob said...

i hope the weather improves for you all!

Thomas said...

Ver nice!

Say hi to my mum and brother Tony if you see them. They are somewhere in that area at the moment!

Bonjour! :0)

by the bay said...

Have a great break! Non stop rain here in Cornwall.

Warmest blessings,
Eleanor n/TSSF

Tim said...

Hi Gordon, has your email address changed???