Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Accompaniment Model of Mission...

The post on reconciliation uses the phrase of accompaniment mission. The term may be new to some but the concept is well recognised. Shaped on the Road to Emmaus and its metaphor of shared journey and respect shapes the engagement of the church in mission. The accompaniment Model for Mission has four goals:

1. Proclaim
Nurture new Christian communities
Support evangelisation and renewal
Build relationships of respect with people of other faiths.

2. Serve
Develop and support ministries of health care, community development, education, reconciliation, advocacy,
and disaster aid.

3. Accompany
Walk with other churches in mutual respect
Assist with leadership development
Enhance ecumenical cooperation in mission
Facilitate exchanges between companion churches in other countries

4. Receive
Receive the witness of the global mission community
Foster relationships and encounters between global companions

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