Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Economics, Politics and the People of God...

When I was in Canada I spent some time with Geoff Ryan in a book shop and he bought some Jaques Ellul - now I know why! The 614 network are hosting the third bi-annual Urban Forum.


The third, bi-annual Urban Forum takes place in Cleveland, Ohio next January under the theme of Economics, Politics and the People of God. You can register online at: www.theurbanforum.com.

The Urban Forum is organized and sponsored by The Salvation Army, though delegates from other denominations, organizations and agencies are welcomed. The Cleveland Forum will be the third such gathering.

The previous two Forums were held in Atlanta, Georgia with the themes: Doing Church in the City: Incarnation and Transformation (2005) and Racism and Reconciliation: Melting Pot or Mosaic? (2007).

The Urban Forum is an event that combines the rigorous thought of a theological symposium, the benefits of intense discussion and great networking, and the camaraderie of a gathering of like-minded practitioners. We attempt to achieve this through a framework of plenary sessions, paper presentations, workshops and discussion sessions.

If you have any questions, queries or simply wish further information from what you can get off the website, please feel free to connect directly with Zoe Fay at: zoefay614@gmail.com

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