Thursday, July 10, 2008

Singing the Songs of Justice....

It seems that the International Social Justice Commission... is building its standing in its mandate to help TSA world to continue to think theologically and strategically about justice issues.

Here is a snippet...
"Joining Jesus invites us to come together as a global family and sing the songs of justice. Our proclamation and intervention trumpets Jesus’ vision for freedom… freedom from “life denying” vulnerabilities and freedom for “life promoting” opportunities.

  • Freedom from “life denying”
    Poverty and oppression
    Violence and discrimination
    Exclusion and voicelessness
    Human trafficking
    Hidden injustices
  • Freedom for “life promoting”
    Dignity for all people
    Protection for the vulnerable
    Including the excluded
    Enabling the exploited
    Choices for the disenfranchised
    Safe and civil society
    Education and health care
    Gender equality and right relationships
    Religious freedom
    Sustainable economic opportunity
    Environmental standards
    Political stability ..."

I couldn't find it on-line on the ISJC web-site but fortunately Danielle Strickland is hosting it in Australia - read more here.

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