Tuesday, October 07, 2008

'He who sees the Church looks directly at Christ...'

My Mission class at college are currently looking at this assignment -

"Mission is not a programme of the church but rather an attribute of God" (Bosch 1991:390). Critically analyse this statement in the light and experience of mission in your placement.

I've just uncovered a quote from Graham Tomlin that sets the scene nicely:
The God of the biblical story displays very different characteristics from the Greek gods, or even gods of eastern faiths. He is not capricious but faithful,keeping his promises and covenants from generation to generation. He is not a sea of placid detachment from the world, but instead interacts with it.... Instead he is humble, lavishly creating a world in which he remains hidden, a world that is not full of signs demanding we pay Him attention and give Him His due. The qualities that mark him out are those of patience, faithfulness, perseverance, kindness, goodness, self-control, humility, joy, creativity and above all, love (2006:83).

Tomlin, G. (2006). Spiritual Fitness: Christian Character in a Consumer Society. New York: Continuum International Publishing Group.

'He who sees the Church looks directly at Christ...' (attrib. to Gregory of Nyssa) - is an interesting point of reference to what we as church generally do! Makes you wonder what people see when they look at the church?

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Graeme said...

In our Understanding People class today Kate asked a question along the lines of "What do people see God as being like if we don't care?" I get home and open my Google Reader to see this quote and question. Common theme going here!?

Thanks for making me think!