Monday, October 13, 2008

question of evil (7)

NT in his commentary on Romans deals, I think, helpfully with the question of evil when he looks at Romans 6.12-14. This is what he says.

"There are two spheres, two places to live, the Adam-humanity and the Messiah humanity.

Paul doesn't mention the devil at this point, but when he talks about 'sin' there is a sense of a suprahuman power, a force or energy which is more than the sum total of unhelpful instincts and wrong actions.

This force can and does act like a tyrannical landlord, making demands and backing them up with threats. You must live like this: you must go out and get drunk; you must indulge your sexual appetites as fully as you can; you must help yourself to other people's property; you must develop new types of weapons to kill more and more people; you must extend your business empire as far as you possibly can....if you don't live like this, you're missing out on real life; you'll never be satisfied until you give in; you'll get sick or stale; people will laugh at you; your economy will crumble; your enemies will take advantage of you". pp108

Wright, T. (2004). Paul for Everyone: Romans: Chapters 1-8 (for Everyone). Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press.

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