Thursday, October 23, 2008

Global Leadership Summit

It definitely took some getting used to which left me with a niggling frustration. WBC hosted the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit and while the material was good, exceptionally well produced and polished, it was achingly 2D! Not that I didn't benefit from the event, there was some great material to digest - the highlight being Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission.

Within the context of his work with IJM his session was about leadership based on things that matter to God rather than leading things that don't matter to God. Are Jesus and I interested in the same things? What is God passionate about..? were good questions to act as a kind of litmus test to motives for mission. Unsurprisingly his thing was to talk about justice at a international scale - you can check out the website for the exciting interactions. "If you say justice is not my thing - God says well I'm not your thing...!" as a conclusion left me with loads of questions and areas that I wanted to follow up.

I only made the first of the two days. Maybe you got used to the oddness of watching it all on the big screen. Maybe it became more natural to corporately pretend that all the speakers were there; to welcome the various speakers as they came to speak to us; to say amen to a prayer that Bill Hybels prayed 6 months ago; to engage with rhetorical questions; to humour with polite laughter someone who would never be patronised by our attempts to humour him!

There might have been times when I wished I had had the remote control to pause and go back, only once or twice would I wanted to Ffwd - in short a good learning experience but I couldn't but help wonder why they didn't put it all on youtube for everyone to get to see for free!


Kapten Clark said...

I'm going to this in Helsinki in a couple of weeks. Imagine everything you've said -- and then having to sit through Finnish translation of it all! UGH.

I have been NOT looking forward to this for months! Please, please, please give me something to look forward to about this! :-)

Gordon said...

Once you get past teh feeling you could be watching this on your sofa at home it is really ok!

The slot after lunch didn't do much for me but the two sessions on multi-cultural ministry is good.