Thursday, December 11, 2008

All in an image...?

I'm not into big band bashing; 13 years in The Regent Hall band played a big part of my development as a young Christian.

I have great respect for the commitment of those that still engage in this ministry; some of which goes largely unnoticed. Some of these ISB guys I know willing to help small inner city corps with their carolling effort in order to raise funds for ministry into their communities.

So I'm not really that bothered about the ISB recording deal - and I really hope that the venture raises the money that is hoped for and that it will then be put into those areas that need it.

But something bothers me.

I asked Bethan what she thought the poster said about The Salvation Army. She looked and said "...we're more bothered about the countryside..."

"Do you think that is right..?"

"No... something is missing!"



I smiled but then again maybe I am still a rabid inner city officer with a chip on his shoulder!


missionlatte said...

It's not the community that's missing, it's the bunnies!

IanH said...

Perhaps they should hold hands.

Chris Heward said...

'Bandos' do seem to be quite defensive of the deal - but like you I'm not against it. There's nothing wrong with the deal per se, as long as nothing is compromised in the pursuit of money, and it doesn't seem to have been. I do hope they use the deal to promote some of the Army's more contemporary music too.

I do however, think the adverts are quite cringe-worthy. Sweeping shots as though these people are pop stars just doesn't suit if you ask me.

The main thing that struck me though was the section where the SA band is morbidly marching down an empty cobbled street towards the end. It just seems to say "we don't care that no-one is watching us, this is what the Army does", stuck in a village in the 1960s/70s, as the world just doesn't seem to get it any more.

Ruralarmy said...

It's a promotional album for Ruralarmy!

Don't knock the fields mate!