Wednesday, December 24, 2008

eau de pee pee...

There was real discomfort in the congregations eyes. I was preaching at Nunhead and was in full flow when I heard Richard, I could see the drama unfold as a local alcoholic made his entrance and staggered up the aisle with his tell-tale blue plastic bag hiding his super-strength cider. Much of the discomfort came from whatever was causing the trail that followed his staggered track!

A couple of the congregation help him as he decides to leave. I contend with the loud ongoing conversation and then the full on aggression as Richard loses his cool outside in the foyer. It reminded me of Poplar days.

As we left after the meeting, the foyer had a certain aroma. Bethan turned to us smiled and nasally said "that's what Poplar used to smell like at Christmas!"


Estelle said...

I know of a few other SA places that have that same odour at Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas to you all!

Kapten Clark said...

Not only at Christmastime! Thank God for our own type of "incense": essence of humanity. :-)