Monday, December 01, 2008

God says no...!

One of the interesting things about Faith House is the conversation and observations you get about other agencies that offer help to the homeless.

One of my favourites has always been the story of a Roman Catholic outreach to the homeless somewhere in the West End. The friendliness has never been a complaint, nor has been the food, which from all accounts is well up there! The issue isn't even the worship and imposed 'God slot' - the problem is the two nuns who stand by the exit playing guitars to stop anyone leaving. It is almost worth popping along to see it in action - a nice twist on the popular Ship of Fools Mystery Worshipper.

I have a new favourite story that has had me chortling for several days. It involves a church group that uses a bus to create a nice space for homeless people to get a hot drink and a conversation for a couple of hours. Jim is a highly articulate member of the FH community, his exasperation in telling the story made it all the better. Not realising that there was some kind of limit on the amounts of drinks they could have Jim asked for another cup of tea. He wasn't too pleased with the response "sorry God says no...!!" Jim is sharp and quickly suggested that God might like to say yes to a cup of coffee in that case!

I made Jim a cup of hot chocolate and pointed out that God likes to say yes, more than people realise.

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