Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"I don't believe in what you believe but I believe in what you do..."

"I don't believe in what you believe but I believe in what you do..."

He'd put his rolled up tenners in the bucket and had gone almost
before I could smile. I was collecting for Deptford SA as they raised
money at Borough Market and for the rest of the time I spent
collecting while the carols were played I wished I could've explained
to the guy that he might have been surprised how close our beliefs may
be. So much of what I believe is shaped by doing, and living out the
life and values of what I see on the life of Jesus!

It always seems a shame that the church has done so well making that
which people saw as being amazing in Christ so predictable!


IanH said...

I've been having the same kind of conversation with a retired Chemistry scientist. We started off a couple of years ago when he "accosted" me with questions about suffering. In time, when he realised that I had as many questions as he and that I didn't have to believe in 6 days of creation, and that I have read Dawkins God Delusion, that Christians can embrace science, that the church has got it wrong and right at the same time - we have come a long way in our conversations. We have swapped books to read. He gave me a book entitled 'Physics of the impossible - a scientific exploration of the world of phasers, force fields, teleportation and Time Travel' by distinguished physicist Michio Kaku. I have given him 'The secret message of Jesus' by Brian McLaren. His last words to me this week when I said see you in the new year - "Who knows, I might be born again by then!". Who knows indeed.

God bless you Gordo. The Haylett Family sends its love to the Cotterills. May you have a truly blessed and peaceful together.


Gordon said...

Sounds like a good frienship! Hope you guys have a great CHristmas too