Friday, December 19, 2008

Carols in the Park...

“I was bought up to not believe in God; to distrust the church and have nothing to do with religion. The more I come to these events though I have to say I’m not to sure anymore. It's like you lot are a magnet and I'm getting drawn in to something bigger!”

Paul lives local to William Booth College and has come along to every event that the college has put on in its local park. ‘Carols in the Park 2008’ was the latest in a series of events designed as the college seeks to make itself known in its community.

As the college band set up on the bandstand, a small crowd gathered in anticipation, people were ready to share in community. With successive carols the crowd grew as more people arrived to join in singing of the Christmas message. Many nonplussed at no sign of a collecting box, but rather gifts of tea, coffee and a mince pie, there were smiles and carols all-round.

For over a week posters dotted around Ruskin Park adjacent to William Booth College announced "carols in the park"; invitations had been posted through the doors of the surrounding neighbourhood. The effort and time was all worth it as over 200 people joined together to sing Hark the Herald Angels in celebration of the love that sent Jesus into the world.

As we walked back to the college it was good to catch up with Paul!

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