Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Gordon on Fire...

"When Cicero spoke to the crowds in ancient Rome, people turned to each other after hearing the speech and said 'Great speech'. But when Demosthenes spoke to the crowds in ancient Greece and people turned to each other, they said: 'Let's march.' Let's march for justice, dignity and fairness. That's what we have all got to march for, and let's march for it together." Gordon Brown (3rd May 2010)

Best political speech of the election and the press hardly touch it - anyone else voting Rupert Murdoch? :o)

Watch the speech here

Thanks Jonny!

Prize to anyone who spots me! (Of course that might be an empty promise but heh this is the season for it!!)


Nick Coke said...

You're right it was a magnificent speech and he blew the other two party leaders away!

Quite a lot of media interest generated about the speech - check out citizens uk website for all the links...

Anonymous said...

Guardian did an article ...saying Gordon 'triumphs in unofficial fourth debate'!