Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3 Fish....and the political microcosm that is my water feature

After the general election I bought three fish for my water feature in the garden. Today as I emptied my dolly tub I thought of Miliband, Cameron and Clegg.

Ed didn't last long at all, in fact he came to a sticky end at the hands or beak of a magpie, decapitated! The coalition lived on, until a couple of months ago, surviving the worst of winter, I found Cameron dead in the water.

Today, I emptied the dolly tub of it's murky green water ready to move to Sutton. Half the water gone I looked for the sole survivor, no sign. I get to the last of the water, with net at hand, still no sign. With the tub completely emptied, I realised that Clegg was no where to be seen. Gone without a trace. He should've been there but he wasn't. Completely disappeared, for how long no one knows, all we know is that he wasn't missed until the tub was empty.

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