Thursday, July 12, 2012


"It's a different kind of corps officership now!" I'm not sure I like the masochistic sparkle in fellow officers eyes as they talk, with a strange seense of glee,about how closeted college life must have been for us away from the rigours of the 'real' world and the weight of administration to wade through. (of course we would sit and do very little while waiting for a bit of classroom activity!)

Well in anticipation this came to mind!

While there are accounts to keep as there are now - I'll write
While there are never ending inventories as there are now - I'll write.
While rolls are to be kept up to date, in and out in and out as there are now - I'll write.
While there is health and hygiene, procedural requirements to be kept
While there remains one last incomplete return.
I'll write - I'll write to the very end.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Gordon,

just love this one. Wayne