Monday, July 02, 2012

What if....

Living below the line week made me think, I had a 'what if' moment that I have just passed on to International Development of TSA.

Imagine being at the checkout of the supermarket and instead of there being chocolates and old films on DVD for £3, there was the chance to pick up a card that represents a meal for a family in the developing world. Would you pick it up and hand it to the cashier to scan, knowing that to add £2.50 to your weekly shop could keep a family nourished where life is not as straight forward when it comes to food?

What if a supermarket offered to contribute of its profits to match your donation to really capture the spirit of 'every little helps' that really would be 'trying something new'. Perhaps that card could feed two families.

Well that was my idea that is probably already failed somewhere else in the world!

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