Monday, July 30, 2012


We were installed yesterday as the leaders of Sutton SA Church, so we had our installation, a strange concept but oddly comforting. Like starting a new paragraph, or that great feeling at school of starting a new exercise book! Probably not comparable to the excitement of having the Virginmedia van turn up outside your new house in install fibre optic broadband!! but nevertheless, I hope as significant as a marker, a covenant of intent before the church.

In response to the installation, I pulled out a quote that I re-visit frequently

"Kingdom people seek first the kingdom of God and its justice; 
Church people often put church work above the concerns of justice, mercy and truth.
Church people think about how to get people into the church;
Kingdom people think about how to get the church into the world.
Church people worry that the world might change the church; 
Kingdom people work to see the church change the world" (Howard Snyder). 

If we were to be anything less would need a re-installation!


Mark G said...


Every blessing to you in your new ministry

Gordon said...

Thanks Mark, I hope you can come and see us sometime?