Saturday, December 20, 2003

Dialogue of Grace ….

...or Dialogue that is just Dialogue

Rhuna is a Bengali family worker that comes into our Toddler group. It seems a long time since she shared her grief with me, but the lesson I learnt that day is still as acute now as it was then.

Her pain was obvious, tangible – her cousin had recently died. Memories of her Fathers death were battered her. We talked. I asked her about her Muslim faith – and as toddlers ran around our feet Rhuna and I shared our beliefs. She looked at me, smiled and asked "Do you mind if I ask you what Christians believe about life after death?"

Dialogue of grace.

It was not long before she was looking at me with that "I never knew that" look on her face.

"Can we talk again?"

The world has deconstructed truth. It has deconstructed love. In fact the world has almost deconstructed anything remotely definable! The meta-narrative that it struggles with is grace. How we as a church demonstrate grace is the challenge, cheapen it, is to deconstruct it.

My big lesson? Share grace through dialogue that is just dialogue!

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