Thursday, December 11, 2003


It all came to a head last night.

It had been building up for months. Drug dealing. Vandalism in the park opposite. Fire brigade outside every night putting out fires. Neighbours either side - windows broken. Another neighbour a firework rocket through their letterbox. Another neighbour given a good kicking.

As I look out over the park I see the blue and white Police cordon tape flapping in the breeze. Last night someone in our street decided they had had enough of the juvenile barracking and abuse. Last night someone took a gun from their car and shot one of the kids that have nothing else to do but hang around, getting their kicks from being lairy.

Ro 8:19-20. All creation is waiting for God to show who his children are is... waiting to be set free from decay to share in glorious freedom of his children…

Sometimes it’s challenging; sometimes hard; sometimes scary to "participate in the liberating mission of Jesus the good news of God's love…for the sake of the world" (Bosch 1991).

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