Thursday, December 18, 2003

Emerging Church...Submerged church..?

There's lots of talk about the emerging church...the problem it seems to me is that the church of today is submerged?

Submerged by chasing relevance; submerged with chasing the latest; submerged with largely it’s own agenda to chase after the trendy, the glossy and glamorous. And while being submerged with the latest panacea it can’t see the obvious. We flirt with it by calling ourselves community churches, family churches, emerging churches. But how often do we offer authentic community, genuine family which is not a means to an end for church strategy; which is on the terms of those we are called to serve and love, and not own our own agenda’s.

The emerging church agenda sometimes worries me, as it fast becomes a mandate for 'designer' churches. Guess what? Our communities are made up of broken people needing fullness of life, not always the designer people we want in church!! Take the weight of the submerged church and see it bob to the surface!

"The church infects culture with truths not trends. The church must not come down with "trendititis" a deadly disease."

Sweet, L. (1999) Aqua Church: Essential Leadership Arts for Piloting Your Church in Today’s Fluid Culture. Group

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