Friday, December 19, 2003

Institutional decisions...

Prior to the first world war the British army up dressed their soldiers in bright red 'naff' off uniforms that were great for being seen from miles around, great for disguising the fact that you’d been shot and were losing copious amounts of blood, great as a status symbol. However they weren’t great if you didn’t want to be seen, not great if you didn’t want to be shot down by the enemy.

But the military institution made their decision and they kept to it.

I wonder how many of the shakers and the movers within the institutional decision making process were wearing their bright red 'naff' off uniforms on the fronts at Crimea, South Africa. 0r perhaps it was safer wearing their regalia behind a desk in Whitehall.

One day they realised.

I remember a prophecy for TSA from several years ago, in part it talked about knowing when and when not to wear our uniforms. Hmmmm?

"The desk is a very dangerous place from which to view the world" (John le Carre).

Unfortunately for the institutional church - that is where most of the decisions are made.

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