Sunday, December 28, 2003

My Emerging Crisis

I have been told that I present mixed messages when discussing the emerging church debate. I know this is true, but I can’t put my finger on why?

On one hand I embrace the emerging agenda yet on the other I push it away and show signs of irritation. My links show that I like to flick around the resources and thought process that are being shared in the emerging arena, yet equally I demonstrate unequivocal exasperation and frustration.

One fear is that as the emerging church debate gains momentum, all that it has to offer that is good and positive will be diluted into something tasteless as it takes on a form that ironically it is against. It will fast become a self-satisfied institution for us all to chase after in order to appear relevant and apposite.

Christmas Eve – 10:45pm: I am walking home in the cold drizzle. We at the church are just about ready for Christmas day. No one is around. The roads are silent. Everyone is at home. Then I see Sister Christine head down pushing a wheel chair still getting ready for the events that she will be co-ordinating the following day. Sister Christine is a remarkable woman as a Roman Catholic sister she has loved this community unconditionally for over 25 years. To me that is what the emerging church has got to look like!

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