Saturday, January 31, 2004

God’s workmanship Gangrene and Rose

Ephesians 2 10 – I don’t want to question God’s workmanship but I wrestle with the question is the work that he has prepared for us to do a simple case of coming up with the latest trendiest way of presenting church. Finding the latest worship styles and music – is that it? Finding the latest courses that are a sure fire way of winning the world for JC – is that it? Become a seeker-sensitive; purpose driven church – is that all there is to it?

And all this time there are people who are broken that the church should be reaching out to – not in some trendy patronising way – but in a way that is real, solid.

To my everlasting shame I will always be reminded of the woman who lived across the road to our church. Rose who was 94 was dying when her neighbour came to us for help. Hardly coherent but adamant that she was not going to hospital. I rang her doctor to tell him that she was dying and incredulously was asked what the symptoms were – “umm not breathing!” Then I looked closer, her feet were wrapped in plastic bags, intrigued, I got on my knees to see why. Her legs were a heaving mass of gangrene, the bags an attempt to stop the infection oozing onto her settee. “hello” the voice on the other end of the phone implored “hello”… “yes I’m here… I think this lady needs an ambulance and now”.

At least the last two weeks of Rose’s life were in comfort. I wish I could say the same. I feel uncomfortable the issues we as a church get passionate about will always fade into insignificance when I thing of Rose.

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