Monday, January 05, 2004

Nobody wants to know Patrick....

Not even Social Services…

Patrick came knocking on our door at the crack of dawn today. His boiler isn’t working. No-one wants him – I think he knows it.

When last year he was left without heating for months – nobody was bothered. Our church fought for him and got him a temporary fire. When the engineers refused to repair his heating because his flat was uninhabitable. Our church cleaned the flat, washed his clothes and sat there to make sure the engineer didn’t try that one again. When his front door and window was smashed by youths. Our church went with him to the police and then council. When the contractors refused to enter the house to fix his toilet because it was a mess our church spent three hours cleaning his “caked” toilet so that they would come and fix it.

Until he comes to his senses and goes to the GP for a mental health assessment or is more compliant social services will do nothing for this old vulnerable man. Lets hope he comes to his senses before it is too late and accepts support - although given that his grandfather was Field Marshall Montgomery, he is a Roman legionnaire and he visits the moon every thursday - I can't see much hope for him!

It is a tragedy society makes victims out of these people. It is worse when church makes victims out of these people.

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