Monday, January 12, 2004

If Post-modernity

If Post-modernity is a transition…
If Post-modernity is indefinable…
If Post-modernity is suspicious of institution…
If Post-modernity is about choice…
If Post-modernity is about fluidity…

Why has Post-modernity become something that it isn’t - an unequivocal answer? Why are people defining themselves with what is undefinable?
Why are people labelling themselves with something that isn’t a label?
Why has Post-modernity become all things to all people to strengthen their debates, agendas and mandates?
Why Is Post-modernity fast becoming a marketable institution? Fast becoming the new meta-narrative? Fast becoming so solid?

Pomo once held something profound that I found solace within, something within that I felt my angst go out on the tide. The way it is being used within Christian circles has seen the tide turn!!

Roll on post-structuralism…until that becomes the latest band wagon for the new wave of post-structuralist churches that laugh in the face of the ‘so turn of the century’ emerging post modern church!

Gosh so cynical – must be a pomo!

My lesson – keep mission authentic, grace centred and not because all those pomo books tell us to do so! But because Jesus showed it!

PS - And for goodness sake if you are going to talk post-modernity do it with a hyphen! Without it simply represents another ‘ism that of course we are all supposed to be so suspicious about!!

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