Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Threshold of the Future....Highlights

A Spirituality for Mission

What is needed is the forging of a new and vibrant spirituality which is adequate to the call to mission in the new millennium.

While drawing from the deep wells of Christian tradition, this spirituality will need to be responsive to engagement with contemporary Western culture. It will be a missionary spirituality, in terms of promoting and maintaining the divine journey toward the other. If it is to be adequate to this task, it will need to be earthed, conversant with human suffering, attainable within the complexities of life, holistic, creative, communal and contextual.

While there may be many expressions of such spirituality, they will need to contain many of these qualities.

M.Riddell (1998) Threshold of the Future: Reforming the Church in the Post-Christian West. SPCK

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