Sunday, January 11, 2004

Sometimes all you can do...

"The music here is crap…what you need is some Cat Steven’s!" There was I thinking that the worship had gone well and had been helpful! Maybe a bit more Cat Steven’s would be the way forward. Sometimes all you can do is smile!

They came in asking for food. Our morning service was finished. People were leaving after their coffee. “We need some food”. We help as we can – someone made some scrambled egg sandwiches; I get a few tins together for them and sit down to talk. She cries incessantly, my gift of intuition (!) prompts me to ask if there is anything wrong. Then out it all comes. A tale of recent rape, homelessness and the loss of her children to care. Sometimes all you can do is listen.

It’s hot, the room is stifling I undo my jacket and sit with Sid. The TV is on – loud in the Day Room of Hastings secure ward. Mr Humpries is there too (see Christmas Day Past…) getting up, walking to get nothing and sitting down again – he repeats this tick once or twice a minute. Sid is a schizophrenic member of our church. His condition is getting worse; his wife sits with tears in her eyes, she can’t cope anymore. I try conversation. Sometimes all you can do is sit.

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