Wednesday, December 08, 2004

fundamentalism - fundamentalists and the long lost fundamentals

I heard this when driving back from a spot of teaching:-
"The problem with fundamentalism is that the fundamentalists have forgotten the fundamentals" Sandi Toksvig on LBC 97.3fm
She wasn't particularly talking about Christianity - but nevertheless. Bonhoeffer has some useful insights to those who proudly fly their 'nevertheless fanaticism' colours in the name of the kingdom.
"Restless energy which refuses to recognise any limit to their activity, the zeal which refuses to take note of resistance springs from a confusion of the gospel with a victorious ideology. An ideology requires fanatics, who neither know nor notice opposition...the 'word' recognises opposition when it meets it and is prepared to suffer it and is free from that morbid restlessness which is so characteristic of fanaticism" (Bonhoeffer 1937:166).

Bonhoeffer, D. (1937) The Cost of Discipleship. SCM
That from someone who knew what it meant to be a true fanatic! Perhaps the self-defined 'souled out' crowd are not quite as 'sold out' as they think they are? Perhaps those that they disdainfully look down on - may just have something - the long lost fundamentals!

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