Saturday, December 18, 2004

The people you see ...!

I’ve been collecting this week while playing Christmas carols - it is a big financial support that helps us to love our community. Canary Wharf is quite an interesting place to stand and fairly often you see famous people. In the past Michael Portillo the most generous so far, Mick McCarthy 10/10 for effort 0/10 for generosity 5p!

Yesterday threw up two big names in the world of sport. None other than former England Football team Manager Graham Taylor – all I got from him was a smile and a hello ("did I not like that")*. Then not five minutes latter none other than Statto of fantasy football fame. "Staaaatoooo Staaaatoooo Staaaatoooo" didn't seem to impress!

But what made my day was seeing Mark (dreaming of reconciliation). He smiles and walks over to me and he looks really well. The last time I saw him he was in a state.

"I don’t do any of that stuff no more…" he is pleased to inform me.

"great… you look kind of clear.. How’s things?"

He smiles with pride "Things are great… I got a job…I’ve just bought my suit ..."

As the people walk by he shows me his suit and we paint an unlikely picture. Him all urban clad hood and cap me in my best SA bib and tucker. Busy commuters look on as we – enjoy each others company! Our conversation comes to a close.

"Gotta go.. I’m just going to my Mum’s…!",

"Really… how’s things there?" I’m surprised as the home situation has been such that it left him homeless. I'm really taken a back.

"Good" he shouts over his shoulder "we’re cool…"


I tell Kate as soon as I get back. About three hours later I remember "oh yeah and I saw Graham Taylor and Statto"

She keeps watching the TV – all I get is a disinterested "lovely…!"


* the infamous soundbyte that without doubt will follow him for the rest of his life!

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