Friday, December 10, 2004

Tommy's life...

The last time I saw Tommy he was wandering back to his hostel room, his head and hands heavily bandaged like a scene from the invisible man. He hasn’t been to see us for quite a while, not since I heard on the urban grapevine that someone in a drunken stupor threw car battery acid over him.

Well.... Tommy wont be coming to see us any more – I heard from one of his drinking buddies that he never recovered and that the acid caused septicaemia – he died as his body was slowly poisoned. The funeral has long gone – three people were there at the end for him.


Tommy was one of the first characters that we met when we arrived at Poplar 7 years ago. There are snippets of his life in various posts this year. You can paint your own picture of Tommy from some past blog snippets:- (beauty of Tommy; christmas day past; I see them).

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