Friday, December 03, 2004

Unwrapping Christmas...

We've felt encouraged recently...

We started a new children's after school club last week geared specifically at looking at the concept of Christmas from a Christian perspective. "Unwrapping Christmas..." We really had no idea how it would go, what interest, what numbers to expect. So with materials from friends made through blogosphere (thanks Rob) and elsewhere we have created a four week fun-packed, interactive after school activity.

I say 'we' although it has little to do with me - ok nothing to do with me - I should rather say Kate, Lisa, Rhonda and Bram. But it was great to see 23 5-9 year olds come along to the first session; 26 to the second; it was great to hear how the parents enjoyed sitting in the community lounge enjoying ... umm ... community; it was great to get the positive feed back from the parents - but more importantly it was great to hear and see the young people really enjoying the christmas message and hearing their excitment.

We felt encouraged.

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