Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Missional Questions...

Prodigal Kiwi(s) give a good structure for missional bible study (here).

Weaving Missional Questions into our Interaction with Scripture

Missional questions I’ve formulated, but which had their origins in a related set of questions produced by I think The Gospel and Our Culture Network (USA). I’ve used them when working with Biblical texts in preparing a sermon.


How does this text send us and equip us for mission in our respective contexts – how does it help us enact our part(s) in God’s unfolding redemptive drama. How does it invite us (individually, communally, and societally) to increased wholeness? How does it nourish a journey into wholeness?

Present Context

In what ways are our culturally conditioned hearings, loyalties and praxis challenged by radical invitation of the gospel and its embodiment?


In what contemporary ways are we challenged by this text? How might we be being invited to respond to that challenge? How might this text advance our formation and shape us as a local expression and embodiment of “good news”?


How is this text “Good News” in our present context? How might we be obstructing or obscuring this good news? How might our culture, through its art, stories, images, symbols, poetry, music, movies etc help us “gospel” within our unique context?


How are we sent out into the world? What creative, courageous, ‘because-of-the-resurrection and ascension’ responses might God be drawing from us in our ‘sentness’?

Quite helpful and challenging. A useful innoculation against ecclesiastical introspection!


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