Monday, July 18, 2005


"Spike what have they done to you...?"

Spike and his dog came into the carpark. His face was a mess. I take in the sight of his face as he speaks. The bruised eyes, one completely closed; the flattened, broken nose; the encrusted trail of blood from one of his ears. This guy had taken a terrible beating.

"listen Graham.."

"'s Gordon"

"yep Gordon... I can't go in, I'll scare the kiddies.... can I have a cup of tea and a chat with you out here?"

I get a cup of tea, we sit on our bench and we talk. Everytime someone comes he walks away, hides his face. The story emerges of a group of crack users taking a dislike to this affable alcoholic. He looks at me through an eye he can hardly open "Graham ... I don't know what I've done...? I sit in the church grounds so that the Vicar waves to me and knows I am still alive ... and I can't even do that anymore... they came looking for me there...they won't leave me alone"

"'s Gordon" I gently correct as I nod and listen to the story of violence.

"...sorry... Gordon"
I listen to how the police came but couldn't do anything; about the guitar I'd seen him carrying so proudly the day before was now smashed; about the underclass life he is trapped within; about his fear

"Spike what do you want us to do?"

"Graham... I mean Gordon I just need someone to talk to nothing else, I just need someone to know I'm Ok, I need someone to pray for me".

Spike is getting uncomfortable because of the attention his face is getting from people passing by. I have a thought. "Wait here Spike...!" I say as I disappear. I return with some sunglasses from the charity shop.

As he gets up to leave, he taps his new sunglasses "Thanks!... By the way ... why do you keep calling me Spike...?"

"...It's Shaggy!"


Chris said...

That's so sad :-(

As far as you see, is there any way out for him?

Gordon said...

There is always a way out - thankfully being here the length of time we have we get to see some end results!

With Shaggy - the first step has to be taken by him. We try to align ourselves so when that step is taken we are there and can walk with him. As frustrating as it is you can't rush that first step.

Kathryn said...

Time to say thank you again, for being there for someone who needs to talk, to be prayed for, to have someone notice they are alive...
I feel so cossetted here,- but suspect there is no way I could be where you are and offer God's love as you do.

Gordon said...


Thanks you really are very encouraging and I'm gald you happened to pop by this blog. I suspect you are dealing with the exact same root issues but behind different masks. Brokenness and lonliness take on many guises.