Monday, July 04, 2005

MPH 2005 - The Day...

A memorable day. Lots of soundbytes, rhetoric, standing around and walking. Being part of 225,000 people but knowing that each one of us were representing 100's more we knew wanting to be there was immense.

Eventually - bottle neck problems - I walked around in the beauty that is Edinburgh with the sun beating down on my back in a solidarity of white. However, as I walked I felt disappointed with certain groups getting their sub-agendas and sub brands across on the back of something as distinct as MPH - I kept thinking this is about world poverty not independence for Palestine! As I walked I felt my lunch disagreeing with me - reminding me of my disappointment with the ironic exploitation by the various food outlets that must have doubled their prices to make a quick buck.

As I walked I felt elated to see generations of people saying enough is enough. As I walked I felt elated to have been part of something that has raised the profile of world poverty to an uncomfortable level. As I walked it felt good to be with members of our youth club - a new generation of people saying something has gone wrong here! As I walked I thought of some more Ringma that I had read...

"Those who are powerful need to be loved into Christ's kingdom as much as the poor. And while the poor may need the love of practical help, the powerful may need the love that challenges them to serve the poor"

(Ringma 2004 - Wash the feet of the world with Mother Teresa)

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Rob said...

An interesting quote - very true but a view I had not thought of before.