Thursday, July 07, 2005

Well done today...

So ends a day of sirens and helicopters overhead and I can't help reflect and say well done whoever you are.

You've managed to close London's transport for a day. You've managed to injure over 700 people. You've managed to kill 40 people who got up this morning thinking that today was just Thursday. Well done on ripping friendships and families apart, throwing people into unexpected grief and suffering.

Well done you've managed to get the world to look at London and to see how clever you are. You've caused the G8 to hiccup, and to stutter for a day. Well done you've managed to make your point.

Above all well done, you've scared my 9 year old daughter, you've terrorised her. She is scared you are going to blow her up. She is scared that her Mum and Dad are going on a train tomorrow, she's scared that we're going to catch a bus. Well done you have done so well - it must be really hard to scare 9 year olds. Oh and well done on today stealing my daughters innocent belief in the good of humanity. Today she saw a different world, she saw your world of hate just the way you would want her to see it. But you know what she doesn't understand and nor do I. Thanks for putting me in the position of trying to explain it all for her.

So whoever you are well done you must be so proud to be bringers of terror into the lives of the young, lives that don't understand.


Thanks to those who expressed a concern as to our welfare. Aldgate East is just a couple of miles from us and the Royal London is our local hospital - but we were very safe - thanks for your prayers.


Anonymous said...


My prayers are with you and your family, it is very hard for children to understand (or any of us for that matter) You are so close to the tragedy and it must be difficult to not feel alarmed.

I shall continue to pray for you and for those you will come into contact with that have been damaged by these senseless events.

God Bless


Kathryn said...

Oh Gordon..that's the saddest post I've read about such a sad sad day.
No wise words for your daughter,- I only wish I had,- but please give her a hug on my behalf. No child anywhere should have to live in fear.I guess the pain you feel for her is akin to that which the Father feels as he considers the whole sorry mess we make each day of the world He loves so much.
May you all feel that love holding you very close in this aftermath..and always x

Rob said...


You are in my prayers. Glad you are ok. I tried ringing a couple of times on my way back from Birmingham but could not get throuh.

As an encouragement - it will take a while sadly but children are resilient and adaptable and your daughter will recover from this horror.

I share your angeras she should not have to.

Take care

Agent of Renewal said...

Not the time for platitudes - but these "well-doers" do not have the last word. This is my father's world, though evil seems so strong, he is the ruler yet.

How we covet innocence, wonder for our children - Jesus talked about the millstone for those who get in the way.

Grace in abundant measure to you...

So I Go said...

i'll be praying Gordon.. so sorry for you and your family and those that have been harmed around you.

Gordon said...

Thanks everyone - I love this blog community :o)

Yadah said...

I was in your neighborhood about 2 years ago with another SA friend. I have not heard from her yet, but I'm praying that she wasn't in London on these days. She has young ones like yours. My heart was deeply touched by your post. It reminded me of the things that children here in the US endured on 9/11. I'm so sorry for you and your family. Just know that there are many many people praying for London and it's people.