Friday, July 29, 2005

URBAN escape 2005

Week one of four almost finished. A real mix of young people and needs, some obvious some hidden.

As each year loads of options for the young people to enjoy - canoeing; sailing; creative arts; cooking; the theatre; London Dungeons. Lot’s of table tennis, pool, PS2.

There was something interesting about going up to the west end together on a bus to watch Blood Brothers. A story of brokenness. There was something interesting in travelling together on public transport in London. Something interesting when the driver ran up the stairs and told us that everyone had to get off the bus....."sorry the bus has broken down" There was something interesting about the shared relief!

Week one of four nearly finished. Weeks ahead include a climbing project; a mural painting project; and a residential to Scotland. I'm only involved in the first two weeks but it is good to be able to offer space to young people. A privilege for these young people to share their lives with you. To journey authentically together

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Keith said...

Sounds wonderful Gordon. May you know Christ's presence with you in it all.