Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Know this about Chikankata...

Richard Charlie Chikankata Bradbury writes..
"Know this about Chikankata. We have 200 bed hospital, 4 day clinics in the hospital, 2 mobile clinics each day, a Health Centre, a dentist, an x-ray dept, a Nurses Training School, 6 rural health centres to name just a few things.

Know this about Chikankata - this month we have received K2m (less than 400 pounds / 700 dollars) from the government to run the hospital. One hundred pounds a week to run one of the biggest hospital in rural Zambia. (I know it's not really the governments fault, they got little money too)

How do you do it? You tell me cos I'm stuggling to figure it out. It's tough man! "
If anyone has an influence on any overseas projects, or looking for a project to fund raise for - it looks like Richard and Chikankata Hospital could use some help.

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