Friday, May 12, 2006

Victor and his Flute..

Victor and his flute exploits are legendary but this morning ... still several hours later has left me staggered.

Victor seems to think that a flute would play better if it was configured like a saxophone - he thinks he is on to something and so will buy flutes and systematically butcher them in his attempts. This morning he shows me his latest victim that is his acquisition. A second hand Muramatsu solid silver flute that he has spent a small fortune that he can not afford. He has spent serious money.

I was outraged that someone would take advantage of someone who quite obviously has mental health issues. So I checked the flute out on the internet thinking it was a bog standard school learners flute. Victor is right he has a highly valuable flute - he hasn't paid his rent and is facing eviction again - but no worries he has a professional standard flute that he can't play that eventually he will butcher trying to turn it into a saxophone!

Well that flute is in our safe - rescued for now. Victor wants us to look after it. I'm hoping that we might persuade him to sell it.

At least it hasn't started talking yet! (explanation here)

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