Friday, May 19, 2006

Ski-ing indoors...

I was treated for my fortieth birthday (I know unbelieveable!) to a morning's ski on real snow at Milton Keyne's indoor Xscape. My legs the next day told me it was realistic.

My tip? Wear proper gear - or risk farmer Giles.

It was good to spend time with Dean and prolific blogger 'Notthatstratford' Nick and also to see Nick - at long last - master the snow plough


Charlie Chikankata said...

That's my cartirdge that's paying for that. I hope you took an annual leave day. Anyway who was looking after Stratford?

Glad to be able to access your site again.


nick said...

with all this talk of ploughs and farmer giles i thought i was reading RURALarmy!

nice to be reminded that Bradbury's elastic cartridge is still stretching!